Our Quality

Sumilon Eco PET is involved in manufacturing and supply of Recycled PET, which is primarily produced to meet needs of food grade packaging.

We at SUMILON ECO PET are committed to provide a high quality and environment friendly product with optimum economics.

The Quality standards must be meet at levels, and everyone working at any level is expected to improve the quality assurance program of Sumilon Eco PET.

The quality control system implemented in three areas of r PET manufacturing; for example, incoming material specifications, process control of manufacturing operations, and final product specifications. The three areas will include data collection with quality records throughout the manufacturing process and material testing procedures during selected phases manufacturing process.

The material in compliance to quality parameters only shall be passed to next process for further manufacturing or packaging and dispatch.

We recognize that quality of products we sell and services we provide plays an important part to the success of our customers, our suppliers and our organization.

We ensure implementation of our quality policy by:

We all at Sumilon Eco PET must remain committed to ensure adherence to quality policy.