About Us

Sumilon Eco PET SARL is incorporated in Morocco to produce PET Food Grade Resin (r-PET) from discarded PET plastic bottles.

After usage of bottles (mineral water/soft drinks and beverages) consumer dump the bottles. These bottles are recollected by recycling companies and post necessary cleaning these bottles are flaked in small pieces.

With proven and established technology, flakes can be recycled to produce food grade PET Resin, which are primary raw materials for manufacturing PET bottles for various applications like water, colas, juices, beer and wine bottles etc.


The technology to recycle the flakes into pet resin is in line with FDA/EFSA guidelines and is food packaging safe.

Recycled PET Resin or more popularly known as Green Resin, which are increasingly becoming more relevant due to drain of natural resources, carbon foot print etc.